At Between The Bread, we have learned the importance of sharing information with our consumers about what we do to ensure that they are eating the freshest, healthiest products available, while minimizing our footprint. 


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Healthy food has always been our niche, big picture farmbut as we expand we are dedicating energy to “healthing” up our drink and snack selection with an artisanal selection of waters and New York farm-sourced snacks to get you through the workday.

At our eateries you will now find selections of local North Fork, Long Island kettle-cooked potato chips free from preservatives, GMOs and trans-fats and bad cholesterols. itskale chips are made with kale and chia seeds in small batches locally here in NYC. We have granola bars made with grains, nuts and seeds from local farms like Hawthorne Valley Farm in upstate New York, goat milk caramel chews from Big Picture Farm in Vermont, and Paleo diet-approved chocolate bars made in NYC. We even serve and sell a new product called Simply Gum, an all-natural after-meal chewing gum alternative made right here in NYC. We want our consumers to have the opportunity to snack in a way that is mindful of their health and wellbeing, and we find that sourcing small batch local products makes a big difference.


First and foremost, it is our mission to source the absolute freshest, richest and ripest ingredients available to us to serve our clients year-round.
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As our world flattens, international food supply networks are getting more intricate, giving us access to many foods and products that we wouldn’t have been able to obtain just a few years back. At Between The Bread, we are constantly examining where our food comes from and how we can improve the way that we source it to get the greatest amount of fresh produce locally. We don’t just do this to get higher quality produce – but to stimulate our local economy and further reduce our ecological footprint by helping to bolster the local supply chain.

Many of our vegetables and grains comes from local New York farms, like our partners Sycamore Farms in Middletown New York, who we have begun to work closely with to monitor seasonal vegetable yields and trends. The poultry, fish and meats that we import are some of the highest-quality available to us, as we use cage-free / antibiotic free chicken and eggs, and we import only the freshest fish every morning from both the east and west coast.


In recent months we have completely eliminated plastic bottles from our drink selection and provide an artisanal selection of natural waters and beverages, many of which come from New York State. It is our hope that our customers will inherently feel more inclined to recycle and be more aware of their own footprint as they consume our beverages. We also offer a $1 deposit return on all mason jars, used for breakfast bowls or fruit juices, that are purchased in our stores.

Why the switch to glass bottles and jars? 

The eco-cost factors of raw materials, manufacturing and weight/transportation provide for some different pros and cons amongst glass, plastic and aluminum. Ultimately, we just really like that glass bottles are 100% recyclable and can be endlessly recycled into other glass bottles as glass has the ability to be recycled over and over without ever losing its quality, unlike plastic.

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We now only use compostable containers, straws, cutlery, napkins and cups in our stores, with a limited amount of post-consumer recycled plastic which we encourage our consumers to keep recycling.

Anything composted in our store is picked up daily and sent to McEnroe Organic Farm for topsoil creation by our disposal service, Royal Waste Services. You can learn more about composting, recycling and sustainability here.

At the end of the day, our most important assignment is to help our customers learn about the food they are consuming and why what they eat matters, both for themselves and the environment. Just helping to start a conversation.

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