Visit our three unique eateries in Manhattan.
Each offers a different experience but the same seasonally fresh food. West 55th Street is a grab-and-go shop, East 40th Street, near Bryant Park, is a high-energy eatery and West 27th Street is our latest eatery in the Terminal Warehouse. Enjoy the Best New York Eateries with us today.

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The Food

Eating healthy should also taste good.
Our chefs prepare new specials daily and we rotate our vegetables and grains every month because we believe in eating natural and seasonal foods that fill you up and leave you feeling happy.
It's takes a lot of work, but we think you're worth it.

Spring Menu


We're not trying to be preachy, we're just trying to do our part. In addition to sourcing lots of local New York products, we use a line of eco-friendly products for serving food in all of our stores, we have stopped selling plastic bottles, and now compost our waste. Just starting a conversation.

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