What’s in Season: Turnips

Between The Bread’s
January Vegetable of the Month

Is it safe to say that no one here includes turnips in their daily diet?  I think we can all agree these orb-shaped taproots are hardly a kitchen pantry staple or a mainstay on our favorite restaurant’s menu.  And that’s a shame, because these wallflowers of the root vegetable family are actually quite versatile – and can make any dish stand out when incorporated properly. They’re also a low calorie, nutritional powerhouse.

This month, we had a lot of fun finding interesting ways to feature the underappreciated turnip in our seasonally inspired dishes.  In fact, after taste testing a few recipes, it became abundantly clear that turnips are long overdue of their shot in the limelight – and that’s why we picked turnips to be our Between The Bread’s January vegetable of the month.

Nutritionally, a 130 gram serving of turnips contains a mere 36 calories, little to no fat and is loaded with dietary fiber. Rich in vitamins A, C, K, omega-3 fatty acids and even cancer-fighting antioxidants, turnips are a satisfying addition to anyone’s diet. Quick fact: The leafy green tops are actually more nutritionally dense than the bulbous root, so don’t discard them; look for recipes that include the tops and know that every part of the turnip can be consumed, cooked or raw.

So, when you stop by one of our eateries this month, be sure to check out our arugula salad or winter cabbage slaw. Both of these sides feature turnip, which gives them a unique, crunchy texture that makes both of these plates really pop. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised how well turnips pair with the other dish ingredients. Enjoy them and smile. You’ve made a better lunch! Time to turnip.