Not so New Kid on the Block

Between The Bread may have 2 new locations opening Fall 2015 and may have an updated website and design, but we have been a NYC staple since 1979. Bringing it full circle, Between The Bread began as an eatery, transformed into a catering powerhouse, and now is regaining its roots in the retail eatery space. We were on the forefront of the “eat-in, carry-out trade:” 1981 speak for 2015 vernacular “grab-and-go.” Our offering has mostly stayed consistently the same since its origin – fresh proteins paired with side salads and grains. Healthy and wholesome eating has never been considered a “trend” for us. We’ve been doing it since the beginning!

Check out the above 1981 cover of Restaurants & Institutions, in which Between The Bread’s first 56 St. eatery received an Interior Design Award.

Here are some other pictures of the 56th St. location:

Old- Old Store Front

Old- Cafe Shot 3